Diving, Snorkeling and Glass Boat View
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Diving, Snorkeling and Glass Boat View


North Sulawesi  were famous also with marine park ecology, and the center of biodiversity rich coral triangle region (extend from Philipines to Bali to the Solomon island), a best place for diving, snorkeling and glass boat view were located in some place as Bunaken island, Siladen and Lembeh strait.

Price :

  • Diving US$138/person
  • Dnorkeling US$85/person
  • Glassboat view IDR 3 000 000/boat (max6 people)
May, 21 2018
Bunaken Island
Bunaken island, Located in Manado bay, 30 minute from Manado by boat and part of Bunaken national park. One of the best and beautiful sea park and dive spot in the world. Were famous of the wall with more various of corrals plantation, fish, turtle
May, 21 2018
Siladen Island
Siladen island, located near Bunaken (east side), were spent 45 minute by boat from Manado. This island were wide 31,25ha and surounding by whitesand beach. With beautiful sea garden with marine life (coral,fish and other).
May, 21 2018
Lembeh Straits
Lembeh straits, located 1 hour by vehicle from Manado. There some spot diving area with some marine life of corals, fish and other animal. This spot diving were found by National Geography observation.

Manado Tour and Trip, an Indonesian provide tour operator in North Sulawesi island (Celebes), located in capital city of North Sulawesi, Manado.

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