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Minahasa Highland Tour

Minahasa Highland Tour

Done explore/tour to Minahasa highland, the topography of Minahasa dominated by volcanic highland, a crossed in part of Minahasa landscape is a "big caldera", it was remain of Tondano supervolcano eruption in 2,5 milion years ago, a same typical with Yellowstone park in nothern America (Volcanodiscovery.com).

Start from Manado, along the trip were visit some places. First trip to visit in Woloan village, to see a traditional wooden house industry, and after were visit Temboan hill, a cross the Rurukan vegetable area. In the top of Temboan hill were see the lansdcape of Minahasa highland area. From Temboan hill continued a cross Tomohon village, located in foothill of Lokon mountain, Tomohon were famous as flower city. To visit Linow lake, Linow lake a sulphur lake as fumaroles, sulphur steam and muds. part of geothermal activity.

Not so far from Linow area there is a have electryc power from geothermal steam facility. After to continued the trip to Tondano lake, for lunch. After to continued to see Watu Pinabetengan, the sacred stone of 9 Minahasa clans. When comeback to manado direction, were visit the Tekantelu waterfall. The tour continued to visit Waruga, a complex cultural site, a tombstone sarcopahgi.

Price :
Group IDR 950.000/person, Single IDR 1.450.000

Tour Program: Minahasa Highland Tour

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Manado Tour and Trip, an Indonesian provide tour operator in North Sulawesi island (Celebes), located in capital city of North Sulawesi, Manado.

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