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in North Sulawesi were have 2 national parks, Nani Wartabone National Park and Tangkoko National  Park. There is more animal were lived in this tropical rain forest with some animals were specific species only in Sulawesi island , Anoa (midget buffalo),babirusa (deer pigs) and black monkey.Alfred Russel Wallace in 1859-1861 in his observation were make the zoogeography boundary and famous with Wallacea theory. Some trips package in this national parks were avaliable : bird watching, animal watching and tropical rain forest trekking and explore.
May, 19 2018
Nani Wartabone National Park
Located in southern part of North Sulawesi, in coordinate 0 33' 38" N & 123 40' 48". With large 297,11 ha, were reach by vehicle or motorcycle 4 hours from Manado city.In this tropical rain forest were found animals and plants.
May, 19 2018
Tangkoko National Park
Located in the Northern part of north Sulawesi, in coordinate 125 3'15" E & 1 30' 34" N. Were reach by vehicle or motorcycle 1,5hours from Manado city. Alfred Russel Wallace an England biologist were observed in this tropical rain forest (1861)

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